Restaurant Warteck / Lo stuzzichino da Mohan


Our favourite Italian‘s - Restaurant Warteck & Lo stuzzichino da Mohan. Both offer you an excellent Italian and Swiss cuisine. « Lo stuzzichino da Mohan » is in the heart of Bern and « Restaurant Warteck » is located near the university of Bern. The atmosphere in the restaurants are at once welcoming and relaxing, but subtle enough not to distract from the food itself.

We would like to take this oppurtunity to thank Family Mohan for the big financial support over the years. Your trust in us is overwhelming!

Restaurant Warteck
Hohgantweg 5
3012 Bern
031 301 80 55

Lo Stuzzichino da Mohan
Rathausgasse 23
3011 Bern
031 311 00 40